You may be bored or you may be tired of working hard, any way you always need some instant stuff to motivate yourself, to get your things moving. There are many theories and books on motivation, but here I am sharing 7 ways that can motivate you almost instantly.

Plug in your earphone and play your favorite song

Get instantly motivated

Well, music can heal many things. Tune to your favorite song will help you to take a short break from frustration and boredom. And of course, sometimes music give you better out of world ideas and creativity too.

Go for a coffee

get instantly inspired

Yeah, a lot of caffeine is considered as a bad thing but having a coffee when you are out of mind really help you to instantly refresh your brain. So take your cup and have your coffee and this might help you to think clearly.

Take a nap

tips to motivate you

If you are sleepy and tired then taking a nap of 10 to 15 minutes duration allow you to put your sleepy mind behind. Make sure to wash your face after the nap so that you won’t get sleepy again.

Write down your to-do list

write down your to do list

Sometimes, you may forget your duties and end up thinking- why I am doing these. Such thoughts surely demotivate you and hence, take a note and write your to-do list for a day or week. This will wake up your inner mind and you will be aware that many things are yet to be done.

Get up and walk around

To inspire and to be inspired

Sitting in your office chair and looking into your work PC for a long time is enough to turn off your mind. So, get up from your chair and go for a short walk out of your office and see something different to refresh your mind.

Prepare your wish list

Get inspired instantly

Take a break from your work or routine and write down your wish list, and place the sticky note on your work board. As you become conscious about your wishes you will work for the fulfillment.

Watch a short motivational video

motivate yourself

Much better than text and pictures, videos can influence you easily. Go to youtube with your PC or smartphone and search for any popular short motivational video. Watching something motivational will reroute your thoughts to inspire you.

Yes, I already showed you the seven instant things to do to motivate yourself. Now, it’s your turn to try these things out and choose which one suits you the most.

Image credits: Pixabay