Water is one of the basic necessities of human life. Everyone use it and also are aware about benefits of drinking water. By drinking water we not only bring down thirst but also protect our body from dehydration.

Yes, drinking water helps you in many ways. In this blog post, I am listing down 7 little known benefits of drinking water.

Clear Skin

Drinking more water flushes out certain toxins that cause acne and clogged pores and help you to keep your skin clear. It’s scientifically proven that drinking more water reduces the risk of pimples.

Boost Productivity

A glass of water may be enough for to give you a short productivity boost. Water counteract with your tiredness and helps you to stay refreshed and stay focused.

Weight Loss

Yes, you read it right, water helps you to lose your body weight. Drink a glass of water instead of soft drinks because it reduces your thirst for calorie consumption.

Helps Digestion

Drinking water after your meals helps digestion. As a fluid water helps digestive system to break down food particles and allows body to absorb nutrients.

Boost Brain

A study done in London says that drinking water can energize your brain and helps to think clearly. Study shows students bringing drinking water in the examination hall have good chance to secure fair grades.

Headache Remedy

Water can put away your headache and back pain caused by dehydration. It’s a natural remedy and it can also diminishes migraine caused by the hangover of yesterday’s party.

Keep Muscles Healthy

This says all, your muscles contain 75% of water. Hence, carrying water to muscles is important to keep them healthy. Water also prevents muscle cramps.

Health benefits of water are plenty. It’s up to you to drink minimum of 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your body fit and healthy.