Medical science recommends at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily to keep your day kick ass and energetic. But, is that applicable for all people? Well, here I am listing 7 successful people who sleep less than 5 hours daily.

Narendra Modi

He’s the 15th prime minister of world’s largest democratic country, India. He sleeps only 3 to 4 hours daily. Still, he is always energetic and charismatic as ever in his works, speeches and foreign trips.

Shahrukh Khan

The Badshah of Bollywood has millions of fans following around the globe. The talented actor is known to sleep less than 4 hours a day. But, we can never see him with low energy level in screens and stages.

Tim Cook

The current CEO of Apple is known to be the first to enter their office and the last to leave the office. He is such a hard working person.  He sleeps less than 4 hours daily and can be found in the gym at 5.00 am.

Howard Schultz

The American businessman, who is best known as the CEO of the coffeehouse chain Starbucks, sleeps less than 4 hours daily. It is said that he will be at his office by 6.00 am.

Bob Iger

The chairman and chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company sleeps only 4-5 hours a day.  He go for walking early earning, even before 5.00 am.

Marissa Mayer

The president and the CEO of Yahoo! is also a person who barely sleeps. She earned reputation when she was working for from internet giants Google. There she used to work for about 130 hours per week!

Tim Armstrong

The CEO and the chairman of media giants AOL Inc starts his day at 5.00 am. He sleeps only for 4 to 5 hours and thus he says “I am not a big sleeper and never have been. Life is too exciting to sleep!”


Yes, these successful people sleep very less but this doesn’t mean you have to cut down sleeping hours to become successful. Success is just the outcome of hard work, purpose, belief and a bit of luck.