The biggest anxiety or excitement of a parent would be about his/her children. The anxiety doesn’t stay on single aspect as it starts from health and extends to lifestyle and education. But one thing is sure, the first thing a parent consider about his/her child is health. How healthy my child is? Are my child’s height and weight right? What’s about my child’s immunity? Questions are numerous for a parent thinking about his/her child’s health.

As we say, health is wealth. To raise our child to a healthy man or woman, we need to track down the growth of our child regularly. It is very important to check whether our child is falling behind on growth. The height and weight of our child should be comparable with the children of same age. But what to do if our child falls behind in terms of height, weight, and immunity?

Yes, catching up of lost growth of children, especially children in age group of 3 to 9 years, has got top priority. Why catching lost growth at this particular age range is important? The answer is simple, it’s the range our children show the significant amount of growth, especially in terms of height and weight. Ignoring lost growth of our children at this age range might affect their overall growth in the future.

But how one can assure right his/her children maintain right height and weight? Here, I am sharing few tips to catch up the lost growth of the children.

As it is about height and weight, things start with the food or diet our children consume. As a parent, we need to assure our children are following the balanced diet. We have to look up on the importance of minerals and vitamins required for children’s optimal growth. The importance of fruits, vegetables, and proteins must not be ignored.

We should have an eye on their children’s eating habits. The tendency of children to skip meals is very high. So, we have to ensure the food we preparing are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as are tasty. Nutrients rich food without good taste won’t help the case. Delicious food with rich nutrients is the ideal meal for the children in the age group of 3 to 9 years.

Another thing to notice is the children’s timings of eating. Eating food at irregular intervals is a bad food habit as it may lead to conditions like obesity. Also, have an eye on the children’s junk food consumption. The reason is clear from the word ‘junk’ itself.

Even though we try our best to include rich nutrients in our children’s diet, it’s usual for parents to miss out few things. In my opinion, a nutritional product like Horlicks Growth+ is enough to sort out these problems. Horlicks Growth+ is specially designed for children in the age group of 3 to 9 years to catch up the lost growth. This specialized nutritional product is designed by pediatric experts from different parts of the world.

Horlicks Growth+ consists of high-quality whey protein and certain nutrients which support the optimal growth of children. According to the tests done by Horlicks experts, this product results in visible growth within six months.

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Featured image source: Horlicks