Owning a car is a dream for all of us. Buying a car and roaming around the city in our own super comfortable car accompanied with our family make the dreams come true. In this blogpost, I am writing about India’s first ever urban cross car which is a unique blend of the urban hatchback and compact crossover.

Yes, I am talking about the latest exciting addition from Nissan, Datsun redi-Go. As the name indicates, this car is for the ‘ready to go’ young generation because of its exciting features which bring fun, adventure, comfort, and safety.

When I consider cars to buy, I always look for its three aspects: Interior, Comfort, and Performance. Let’s check out three features of Datsun redi-Go which excite me and make this car stand out from other cars.

Spacious Overall Interior

When features come to the interior of redi-Go, spacious space is the one which attracted me most. The reason is simple, I don’t want a congestion to feel inside my car. Let me give some space for fresh air inside my car! Apart from this, the interior of Datsun redi-Go is enriched with modern dash layout, sporty fabric, audio system and power windows.

Superior Air Conditioning

Indian weather is rugged and unpredictable and hence, I prefer ideal air conditioning inside my car. Datsun redi-Go offers superior air conditioning inside which optimised to Indian weather conditions. Irrespective of the external temperature, precise air circulation inside the makes all the passengers comfortable. Center AC vent ensures air circulation to the rear seat passengers. It has got an Aluminium compressor assembly to increase the efficiency of air conditioning.

5-speed manual transmission with precise shifting, enhanced driver computer with details like fuel anymore, and an easy to read shift indicator for smooth and timely transmission make the journeys very comfortable.

Smooth Performance with Impressive Fuel Efficiency

Yes, this is the most important for any car: smooth performance. Datsun redi-Go has got a powerful i-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) engine. To give the smooth performance, i-SAT engine automatically adjusts spark timing and hence, the driver can say goodbye to those irritating knocks. Another eye-catching feature of this car is its fuel economy of 25.17 kilometers per litre. Who doesn’t love this kind of mileage?!

Apart from this, Datsun redi-Go has sets of safety features like augmented brakes with the shortest braking distance, adaptive power steering, superb suspension system, crash protection shell, airbag etc.

If someone ask me where in India would you test it and what would you test it for, I would definitely say I test Datsun redi-Go in urban roads and test it for performance and comfort. And I am sure features like small turning radius of 4.7 metres are enough for me to beat my urban driving blues.

For me, Datsun redi-Go is all about smoothness, comfort and adventure. No more driving blues!

In conclusion, what all I want to say is:

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Featured image source: Datsun