You may or may not have a tight and busy schedule for the whole day, but you are getting tired easily. If this is your case, then you may just need to have reconsider your eating habits. Your eating habits have direct influence on your energy level and enthusiasm. Follow the tips given below to make your days full of energy.

Have Healthy Breakfast

If you are skipping breakfast or taking it lightly, then this can be the root of your tiring problem. It’s a scientifically proven thing that breakfast is the most important meal and it gives you the fuel to run over all the day. Make your breakfast healthy and nutrient rich. Consider egg breakfast which has things like cholin which helps the efficient functioning of body and mind.

Avoid Caffeine

This may be difficult for you, but you should avoid too much caffeine in your diet. Yes, caffeine has that ability to give you bursts of energy and only stay for short time. The post caffeine stage is to drain energy from your body, thus eventually energy boosting caffeine can lead you to tiredness and fatigue. This doesn’t mean you should avoid caffeine completely but you should have control on its consumption.

Have Fibre Rich Lunch

Avoid heavy non vegetarian meals for lunch, instead have fibre rich lunch which includes green salad, mushrooms, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, broccoli etc.  Heavy non vegetarian meals contain good amount of protein and fat which may result complex digestion process and eventually drain energy from your body.

Drink Enough Water

Drink enough water and avoid dehydration because dehydration results in fatigue and can spoil your whole day. Water has so many advantages and you should not ignore it for any reason. According to health experts you should drink at least eight glasses of water.

Add Snack Meals

Yes, you don’t need to stick with the orthodox three meals a day formula. You can always add one or two snack meals in between them. These light snack meals help to keep glucose level of your body constant. Include snacks with high protein such as nuts and seeds to keep energy levels.