Social media addiction may look like a simple problem but in fact, it’s not so. With plenty of social networks roaming around us namely Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat etc, it is difficult to take away our eyes from them. We know time is irreversible and we also know that a huge share of our time is in hands of social medias.

So, what can we do to get rid of social media addiction?

Turn off Wifi- Make it a habit

Yes, we love to be online all the time. This causes the overflow of notifications from these sites to your smartphone or any other device. Make it a habit of turning off WiFi when you really don’t need the internet. Also, make sure WiFi is off before going to sleep.

You don’t need to carry your smartphone all the time

The upsurge of smartphones increased social media addiction among young people multifold. When you are roaming inside your home, you don’t need to carry it with you. Leave your smartphone somewhere, from where you can hear when it rings.

Do one thing at a time

Make it a habit of leaving your smartphone when you do some other things like eating, cooking etc. Concentrate on one thing at a time improve not only your focusing power but also increase your productivity level and clear up your brain and mind.

Feeling bored? Go out and breathe fresh air

One of the most common reasons people say behind social media addiction is ‘Feeling Bored’. The tendency to use social media when you are bored should be changed. If you are feeling bored, then step out of your house and see the real world and feel it.


Involving with social media for long period of time regularly make people extremely lazy. Exercise is a way to get out of social media shell. Physical activities will energize your body and you don’t feel more to sit somewhere waiting for notifications and messages.

Use a schedule

It’s true that many of our friends are active on social media networks and you may not simply┬ástop using social media permanently. So it’s better to schedule┬átheir usage and make sure you are not exceeding the schedule. You may set a timer to alert yourself about the time consumption.