Yes, you may already read a lot about the benefits of early morning wake ups. But, how many of you really made waking up early a habit? And how many of you tried it for countless times and failed miserably? Whatever the statistics, making waking up a habit is not an easy thing because it needs some serious effort from your side.

Here, I am going through some ways to make getting up early in the morning a habit.


In this era of smartphones, laptops and Facebook, sleeping late is a common thing. But, if you want to get up early then you must ┬ásleepy early. You should have at least 7 – 8.5 hours of normal sleep.

This means, if you want to wake up at 6.00 AM in the morning then you should have slept before 11.00 PM. Keep your electronic gadgets away from your bed and make sleeping early a habit.


You can’t change your habit in a day, but gradually you can change it. Set your alarm 15 or 20 minutes earlier for some time and increase the minutes after you get used to wake up 15 minutes earlier. Step by step, you can increase your potential to wake up early.

Yes, as you thought, this would take time but it won’t be like suddenly waking up at 5.00 AM for two days and you give up from next day because of tiredness.


Put your alarm other side of the room such that you have to get up from the bed to turn off your alarm. This habit makes you to walk few steps rubbing your eyes towards alarm and helps to take away some amount of sleepiness from your eyes.

Otherwise, keeping alarm in the bed always encourages you to press the snooze button and this can’t help you in anyway.


To wake up early in the morning, you may need something to do which excites you. Plan your excitement things to do before sleeping and when the alarm starts buzzing you will jump out of the bed with the excitement.

The excitement stuffs can be anything like writing, reading, doing exercise or even a cup of coffee. This enthusiasm itself is enough to take away sleepiness.


Yes, it’s all about trying. Getting up early for just one or two days and giving up by saying you’re not a morning person is not right. You have to follow gradual method in this case. Don’t you heard slow and steady win the race?

Put some efforts seriously and boom waking up early is like plucking a flower from the garden!