A vacation is all about staying away from stressful routines to relax and to rejoice with our family or friends. It is about refining happiness and bonding. But, what’s really an ideal vacation?

A vacation is supposed to be stress-free and what happens when last minute hassles occur is completely opposite. Yes, making our vacation perfect is not an easy task. We usually take the vacation once in a while and we should end up stressing out during the vacation.
Here, in this blog post, I am sharing some of my ways and tips to make vacations perfect.


It shouldn’t be a short one:

As I said earlier, we usually have a vacation once in a while and making it short, just about two or three days won’t help us to relax enough. In my opinion, the vacation should be seven to ten days long. A ten days lengthy vacation gives enough time to pull out those stress hormones from you.


Mastermind planning is a must:

Yes, the fate of our vacation lies in the planning. You can either choose DIY way or you can also have the help of travel agents. In both case,  don’t make things messy or complex. Be clear about your routes and bookings to put away all the confusions around your vacation. So, the planning should be made perfect to make your vacation ideal.


A group is better than a pair:

Who can enjoy a vacation most, a couple or a family with four members? I would say, a family can enjoy the most. A vacation is not only about being happy yourself but also about making others happy. Make sure your kids accompany you and your partner, even though you may require extra planning.


Choose your dream destination:

Yes, this is the most important thing in a vacation. You have to choose the destination wisely considering your dream, interests and also your budget. If you are a natural beauty addict then choose a place with breathtaking natural visuals and a good climate. If you are a beach person then choose any of the best beaches in the world to relax.


Means of travel should be faster:

If possible, flights are the appropriate means of communication for long distance journeys. Flights save your time in traveling and If you are with kids then flight journeys definitely excite them. In case of the train journey, it is time-consuming and it if it takes more than 12 hours to reach a destination then the journey would be tiring as well as boring. Whatever your means of travel ensure you have booked tickets for all and Flight Schedule is right.


Ensure the control button is safe:

Yes, if you are going for a vacation with your friends then the chance of getting things out of control is extremely high. Hence, ensure you have control on yourself and also on them by giving guidelines before and during the vacation. Breaking boundaries in a vacation may end up things in trouble.


Stay way from the work:

Have a plan to do ‘small’ tasks related to your work in the vacation? I would say a big NO because it might end up in ruining your vacation. And also, if possible, try best to avoid work-related calls to your phone because a bad call is enough to spoil our moods. So, vacation should be work free to make yourself stress-free.
These are my ways to ideal vacation. Please feel free to share yours in the comment section below.
Featured image source: Pixabay